legacy scholarship program

Our initiative strives to create scholarships in tribute to outstanding Canadian-Muslim women, celebrating them as contemporary role models and leaders. These remarkable women exemplify resilience, achieving excellence in both their professional endeavors and community contributions, overcoming obstacles such as racism, sexism, abelism, and Islamophobia.
muslim woman working in a medical setting

First Annual Waheeda Valiante Memorial Scholarship fund

In the loving memory of their mother, the Valiante family are contributing to this scholarship fund to support young Muslim women in their post-secondary educational aspirations.

Wahida, also affectionately referred as “Auntie Wahida” by many younger Muslims she inspired, was born in Azad Kashmir and raised in the UK.

Living in Canada since 1961, Wahida was a pioneering Muslim leader, writer, presenter, social worker, and social justice and human rights advocate. She was among Toronto’s earliest and most vocal Muslim leaders on anti-racism, anti-Islamophobia, interfaith dialogue, civic engagement, and mental health issues.

Her many incredible accomplishments include:
  • Founding member of Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC), which she served as a President and Vice President for 13 years.
  • Founding National Chair of the Islamic History Month Canada in 2007-2011.
  • One of the earliest female leaders of a national Muslim organization in Canada.
  • One of the only visible Muslim female voices on Canadian Muslim issues post-9/11.
  • Pioneering contributions to both academic and applied aspects of social work in the Canadian Muslim community.


Scholarship recipients must have:

  • A proven track record of community service within the Muslim community and in the mainstream.
  • Demonstrated attributes that emulate Islamic values
  • An educational path that leads towards careers that promote Islamic art, history and heritage, advance human rights and combat Islamaphobia.
    These careers could include, but are not limited to academia education, journalism, law, marketing, public policy and social services.

How To Apply

In order to apply send an email to info@fmw.org containing the following:

  • Cover Letter
  • A personal statement about what sets you apart and how you meet/exceed the requirements of the scholarship
  • A resume containing your professional, community, and school accomplishments as well as work experience
  • Any letters of recommendations or other documents you think might benefit your application